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Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers who assisted with our production, both off-stage and in front of house.


Hair & Make-up Assistants: Katherine Brown, Kirsta Colonello, Amandeep Kalsi, Ian Russell, Sherry Shearhart

Props & Set Dressing Assistants: Sylvie Angeletti, Francine Jimenez, Karin Rider and Catie Westrope

BuildersPaul Berdusco, Walter Collodell, Andrew Dominick, Ashley Moniz, Rob Moore  

Dennis Sunga , Kevin Roose, David Taylor

Painters:  Lucas Chabot, Alex Chappell, Megan Cruz, Onita Dey, Andrew Dominick, Meagan Dowey, Christine McMahon, Adam Holroyd, Michael Lee, Olivia Lee, Maria Moore, Brady Morrison, Mitchell Munro, Sharon Nimmo, Susan Pringle

Dan Schieck, Diana Temelkos, Grażyna Temelkos, Brian Wray


Backstage Crew:  Bill Bain, Ron Harder, Gary Palferro, Dan Schieck, and friends of CCMP

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