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2023 Scholarship Winners


Junior Winner Blythe Harvey
Intermediate Winner Ella Leven-Rivlin
_eSenior Winner Mina-Rosa Iamonaco
Blythe Harvey
Junior Category
Ella Leven-Rivlin Intermediate Category
Mina-Rosa Iamonaco
Senior Category

About the day...

by Heidi Cyfko, Scholarship Coordinator

On Saturday, November 18, 2023, CCMP once again hosted its annual Vocal Scholarship Competition. There were 15 young vocalists in attendance who were ready to share their love of singing with their family and friends, as well as the three adjudicators. Joining us this year to select the winners were Jaime Marr, who heads up the Arts Department at St. Roch Secondary School and 2 accomplished vocalists and CCMP Alumni, Julie Cabri and Erin Mouchian. It was a lovely afternoon of music, as the young singers braved their jitters and performed their selections with support from Victor Cheng on the Piano. Our winners for 2023 are: Blythe Harvey, Junior Category; Ella Leven-Rivlin, Intermediate Category; and Mina-Rosa Iamonaco. CCMP congratulates all the performers who participated, and we hope to see you again next year!

Scholarship participants
Eleanor Calbes_edited.jpg

Eleanor Calbes Annual Memorial Scholarship

Next date to be announced in 2024.




  1. Must be a non-professional vocalist between the ages of 9 - 19

  2. Come prepared to sing one song that will best showcase vocal and performance ability. 

  3. Repertoire shall be limited to classical and musical theatre selections.

  4. Please bring double sided sheet music in a binder.  A professional accompanist will be provided.  Teachers will not be permitted to play for their students nor will participants be allowed accompany themselves.

  5. Competitors will be grouped by age in Junior, Intermediate or Senior categories.

  6. Performances will be adjudicated and a performer from each category will receive a cash award to assist in their future vocal training and development.


Interested vocalists are asked to contact

Heidi Cyfko at to register.

NEW Deadline: To be announced in 2024

Eleanor Calbes (20 February 1940 – 19 April 2016) was a Filipina soprano who was awarded a scholarship with The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. was the first woman from the Philippines to perform on Broadway. She performed globally until retiring in September 2012.In 1985, Eleanor founded Mississauga’s first opera company, Mississauga City Centre Opera. From it’s origins as an opera company, Calbes Voice Studio (CVS) was founded as a family orientated workshop for musical theatre. Eleanor was also instrumental in starting the CVS Scholarship* in which young singers up to the age of 19 compete in three age categories for monetary awards to be used to further their studies. She was inducted into the Mississauga Music Walk of Fame in 2013.

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