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Audition Results

We are truly thankful and were thrilled with the overwhelming response to our audition call. There were 3 full evenings of auditions with lot's of fun and laughter had by all.

We are happy to welcome and announce our cast for THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW!

NARRATOR - Brian Wray

BRAD - Andrew Dominick

JANET - Meagan Dowey

FRANK - Mark Umphrey

ROCKY - Roy Dear

RIFF RAFF - Kierans Jordan

COLUMBIA - Kristen Di Cecco

MAGENTA - Lindsay Orlowski

EDDIE/DR.SCOTT - Adam Holroyd


Karim Bayoumi, Lucas Chabot

Alex Chappell, Julie Gartke

David Huffman, Tavo Jimenez

Samantha Lindgren, Ashley Moniz

Mitch Munro, Miranda Orlowski Kathryn Snow, Diana Temelkos.


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