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What's new after the AGM?

CCMP was thrilled to host their 2023 Annual General Meeting and to welcome all those that attended.

Welcome New Board Members

Michael Lee

Ivy Joy Maniquiz

Karlie Starchuk

Catie Westrope


Paul Fletcher has changed his role to become a Consultant to the Board.

Heidi Cyfko is stepping down from the role of President to become Past President and Board Director.

Evan Delvecchio-Williams has changed his role and is now a Consultant for Marketing & Media

New President: Susan Pringle

New Vice President: Erin Mouchian

Introducing the New 2023 CCMP Board:

President: Susan Pringle

Past Present: Heidi Cyfko

Vice President: Erin Mouchian

Treasurer: David Grimason

Secretary: Francine Jimenez


Paul Berdusco-Bingo Portfolio

Onita Dey

Michael Lee

Ivy Joy Maniquiz

Maria Moore

Sharon Nimmo

Dan Schieck

Karlie Starchuk

Catie Westrope

Consultants to the Board

Evan Delvecchio-Williams - Marketing & Media

Paul Fletcher

Glenn Pringle

Stay tuned to meet the Board Members. Coming soon.


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