Our original show was interrupted March 13, 2020, due to the pandemic and we remained closed while Meadowvale Theatre underwent extensive renovations. Understandably, not everyone from our original cast will be able to rejoin us for the remounted production, therefore we will be auditioning for a few select roles that are listed below.

Florika/Congregant - A gypsy and Quasimodo’s mother. Dance ability required. Presents as Female Age: 20 to 30. Vocal range top: F#5; Vocal range bottom: E4 (Soprano)


Lieutenant Frederic Charlus/Congregant - Lieutenant of the Cathedral Guard and loyal friend to Phoebus. Presents as Male Age: 20 to 30


King Louis XI/Congregant - King of France, nicknamed the Prudent. Presents as Male Age: 40 to 50


Tribunal/Congregant- A judicial officer. Presents as Male Age: 20 to 50. Vocal range top: E4; Vocal range bottom: G2 (Baritone/Bass)


Saint Aphrodisius / Congregant- A stained-glass image that comes to life. Presents as Male Age: 30 to 50. Vocal range top: E4; Vocal range bottom: B3 (Tenor)

Congregation - Gypsies, gargoyles, soldiers, and citizens of Paris -need 3 female presenting dancers


Choir - Looking for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. Ability to learn music and practice on you own. Reading music is an asset. (Rehearsal piano-tracks to be provided).